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Specialised Fusion
Welding Services

PE Weld Limited is a company that specialises in the supply and fusion of polyethylene pipe.

Why choose PE Weld?

Our customers choose us because we are trained and will work in all types of field conditions.

We provide experienced, reliable, professional, and a safe fusion service. We believe in doing it right…the first time!

We are experts in pipe fusion we named our company after the process! This is what we do, and we are good at it.

PE Weld Limited has qualified and experienced on-site pipe fusion welders.  Our skill and knowledge guarantee we have the expertise to complete your project on-time and on budget.

The team is always up to date on the latest safety procedures and are equipped to work in all conditions and come prepared for the job.Our mobile plant comes complete with all the equipment that goes along with completing a professional fusion job at your job site.  Our technicians arrive prepared and equipped to stay on the job until it is done right.

Our team is

- Our Mission -

The PE Weld mission is to create value by employing innovation, quality, and technology to develop a unique and evolving product portfolio; to create employment in our community; and to enrich the lives of our customers with our unique and environmentally friendly products.

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